Tenants from hell who live in squalor as landlord saw baby crawl through dog mess

The landlord has been renting out houses for 15 years and despite building up a successful business, he constantly has to deal with tenants who wreck his homes and live in filth

A landlord has spoken of his frustrating experiences with nightmare tenants who left his properties in squalid conditions.

The man has been renting out houses for 15 years and despite building up a successful business, he constantly has to deal with tenants who wreck his homes and live in filth.

The homeowner, who has houses in Grimsby and Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, said he once saw a baby crawl through dog poo in one of their flats.

On another occasion, he visited a house and found a lawnmower in the living room, Grimsby Live reports.

The landlord said he is now on his tenth eviction, which has taken a financial toll on his family.

For this reason, they have decided to start selling their houses instead of renting them.

He explained: “We’re currently on our tenth eviction and, with each costing between £2000 and £2500, it isn’t cheap for us.

“In one instance, we evicted someone and when it came to repairing the property, it cost us £25,000.

“I’ve witnessed some truly horrible things in my time too. I remember walking in to a property once and there being dog poo in the carpets with a baby crawling through it.”

He added: “Obviously, the whole carpet had to be replaced and that is often the case when someone leaves. Even if they only rent from us for a small amount of time, there’s always a reason that means the house needs new carpets.

“Another incident was when I entered a house to find a lawnmower just sat in the middle of the front room. I’d originally gone round to collect rent only to see this and that tenant still owes us £4,000.

“We’ve had that many problems that we now use the firm from the show ‘Can’t Pay We’ll Take it Away’ as they’re the only people that seem to be able to get any of our money back.”

He said one of his houses was “an absolute wreck” when his tenants left, which forced them to fix the whole property – including getting a new kitchen, new carpets and new skirting boards.

The landlord also said he also received abuse from some evicted tenants, with one threatening to shoot him.

He said: “I had one person ring and say they’d kill me and another that they were going to shoot me in the kneecaps.

“The added expenditure of covering mortgages when people don’t pay rent affects us personally too.

“We’ve got our own mortgage and bills to pay as well as some of those on the other houses. Under the circumstances, everything seems to have become so much more expensive.

“We’re just tired of it all so now we’re selling our properties rather than renting them. It’s frustrating because we look after people, they cause damage and we foot the bill.”

The landlord said he is “constantly pouring money in” as his properties are damaged.

He explained: “One time, the boiler broke in a property at Christmas so we put the family up at a bed and breakfast for two weeks while we sorted it.

“When they came back they did a runner and took all of the electrical light fittings with them too. Some people’s mentality is absolutely beyond me.”

He said this has affected his life in a negative way also because he and his family live outside Grimsby and when they visit the city, they are not able to see their relatives as they have to spend all their time repairing their houses.